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Being able to conversate and fully understand the Swedish language, it is important to learn the verbs. Here you can learn some verbs, both weak, strong and irregular.

The verbs are presented in a table. The first column is the English word (infinitive). The following columns are the Swedish translations in infinitive, present tense, past tense and past participle (supinum).

infinitive - to do something (to jump).

present    - doing something now.

imperfect  - what you just did, or what just happened.

past participle - What happened in the past. Easier to
understand together with a helping verb like have (har
in Swedish).

english infinitive present imperfect past participle
jump hoppa hoppar hoppade hoppat
walk går gick gått
learn lära lär lärde lärt
see se ser såg sett
eat äta äter åt ätit
sleap sova sover sov sovit
run springa springer sprang sprungit
drink dricka dricker drack druckit
have ha har hade haft
drive köra kör körde kört
hear höra hör hörde hört
listen lyssna lyssnar lyssnade lyssnat
wake (up) vakna vaknar vaknade vaknat

You can find more verbs here!

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